Microsoft Building in the Smart Village

Alfa supplied and installed the access control system for Microsoft new building in the smart village on the Cairo Alexandria desert road.

The system includes access to the building, to different rooms and even elevator access to certain floors. The proximity cards used are dual proximity and smart cards that also allow access to the Microsoft Network.

ff The access control system components are:
  • Lenel smart cards
  • Lenel card reader interfaces
  • Indala card readers.
  • Lenel Etherlan connection to connect the system to the Microsoft network Lenel On-Guard ET software.
  • Another parallel system is supplied and installed by Alfa also for the non- Microsoft part of the building, having the same components as the
    Microsoft system, but allowing access to different portions of the building.
  • The access systems allow the use of master keys in cases of emergency and other needs, and Alfa also installed an alarm system linked to a secretary duress button and temperature sensors in the cable room, to alert the security personnel in the Microsoft and Smart Village security rooms of a situation that would require their interference.
  • It is worth mentioning that the access system used for the Microsoft new building in the Smart Village is similar to and compatible with that of the Microsoft headquarters in the United States and accepts any Microsof tissued cards all over the world with the correct access levels allowed
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