Sokhna Port
    Sokhna Port is the first private sector port in Egypt and the Middle East to implement an integrated security system including:
    arrow Vehicle access and revenue control system including:
    • Vehicle access and revenue control system including parking Management for more than 1300 passenger cars trucks and Trailers, including :
    • 17 Parking gates with dual (High / Low) outdoor/indoor barcode card readers
    • Vehicle access control with loop detectors and sensors.
    • Vehicle counting system.
    • Full digital video documentation for container status
    • Horizontal and vertical traffic management signs and signals
    • Control software allowing monitoring and control of all the above functions.
    arrow Personnel Access Control system for employees, visitors and VIPís including:
    • Turnstiles equipped with proximity card and finger print reader.
    • Seamless software package for Administration and access control enabling time, attendance, and access control, with personnel administration functions, and alarm monitoring allowing monitoring and control of all the above functions.
    arrow CCTV System:
    • A vast network of cameras(more 100 PTZ cameras and 60 fixed cameras), overseeing all port areas, internal, inside buildings and external in the whole area of the port. Innovative solutions were used, in which cameras were installed on lighting posts in some area.
    arrow Fire alarm System
    • Covering nine different buildings, with a terminal control.
    arrow Control room including:
    • Seamlessly integrated alarm data gathering, processing, monitoring and reporting software, having complete and integrated control over all the alarm initiators. Monitors and graphic user interface GUI for control and display
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