A new joint venture has appeared in the Middle East and the Arab world, between Alfa International of Egypt and Al-Rawda Group of Qatar.

Combining the latest technology in electronic security, with a strong focus on customer service within an integrated solution, Alfa International and Al-Rawda Group engineer, install, operate, monitor, and maintain sophisticated security solutions that protect our clients’ assets and personnel, and help in site management, operation and control. We provide expert assistance relating to any aspect of electronic security technology.

Whether installing a CCTV camera, providing emergency service, or executing a design-and-build contract for an access control system encompassing dozens of sites, Our team provides a highly effective response to satisfy any customer requirement.

What we offer At Alfa International:

We believe our greatest strength is our commitment to professional engineering and superior project management. That is our Value Proposition.

On each and every project, we select the best-of-class solution, implement it with one of our own project managers, and ensure that there is clear documentation, as well as proper customer training, before completion.

In addition, since Alfa International represents most security equipment and systems manufacturers, yet is independent of all, we provide integrated solutions that solve our customers' security needs with flexibility and autonomy. Our only obligation is to you--our customer.

Scope of work:

Alfa International will perform the following scope of work:

System concept layout, determining system operating scenarios and detailed system design.
Determining the overall configuration and specifications of the system.
Determining the equipment list and equipment specifications and detailed specification, models and types of Cables, wires, connectors and cable conduits.
Selection of components provided by different manufacturers as per the equipment list, after ascertaining their compatibility and integration with all other components.
Budget estimation of the systems, subsystems and components and securing client ratification thereof.
Purchase of equipment from their manufacturers or suppliers. It is taken into consideration that all equipment shall work efficiently in local climatic conditions and that the equipment power shall be 220 VAC single phase.
Supply of installation, operations and maintenance manuals.
Installation or technical supervision and support during the installation phase.
Technical support after the delivery of equipment.
System software and equipment warranty extended as per the equipment manufacturer’s items.
Guaranteeing the availability of spare parts for the supplied equipment for a period of 10 years for mechanical parts and 7 years for electronic parts (Electronic parts and computers may need upgrading after the said period).
Software adaptation and configuration to guarantee full compatibility and integration.
Testing of system modules and the overall system to guarantee full compatibility and integration between the different modules as per the system operation scenario.
Hand over of the system as per specifications.
On the job training and/or training at the manufacturer’s facilities, when required, as an option.
After sales service and maintenance contracts as per the agreement with the client.
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